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The country which recently added a second name – Czechia is located in the Central Europe, south of Poland and Germany, North of Austria and west of Slovakia. Its convenient geographical position means that the Czech Republic has gathered the best out of all neighbouring cultures to create a very unique and fascinating environment. Formerly known as the Duchy of Bohemia, Czechia was formed in the 9th century so its historical presence is very strong.

No matter if your business partners are in Prague, or if your relatives and family live in Ostrava or anywhere else in Czechia, use Parcelabc to get your packet and items from the UK to The Czech Republic in the cheapest way possible.

Parcelabc will help you find the best way to deliver your package to The Czech Republic no matter if you are sending souvenirs in a small parcel or bundles of Christmas gifts in a large box. No matter what the dimensions and weight of the parcel is, we will help you find a cheap and quick way to deliver it to The Czech Republic. Finding postage solutions from the UK to The Czech Republic as an individual is very hard and might cause a lot of trouble and become extremely costly without a trustworthy partner in the postage area.

Choose a dependable partner – Parcelabc to ship your packet into The Czech Republic. All you have to do with us is fill in a quote with the essential information about the parcel which will be heading to The Czech Republic. Next up, look through the list of: individual postage to The Czech Republic costs, transit durations and other factors. Compare the prices between many of the carrier companies working with these routes. Also, the possibility of live tracking will also be available.

Look at the quote and choose the best way to deliver your parcel(s) from the UK to The Czech Republic without breaking a sweat. We can guarantee that your parcel will reach its destination in the birthplace of the Winged Hussars quickly and cheaply.

Posting to Continental Europe from the UK can be done via airmail, ship or by road. The latter method has been introduced since the Channel Tunnel has been opened in 1994, but with The Czech Republic it is not so frequent. It is most likely that your parcel will be sent via airmail to the neighbouring Germany or The Czech Republic itself and then taken by a land postage service to deliver it. By choosing Parcelabc to help you find a way to deliver your package to The Czech Republic, you get a reliable service provider in the fields of:

  • collection
  • shipping and postage to The Czech Republic
  • door to door deliveries

Each of the companies you see offering their services on the quote provide door to door deliveries from UK to The Czech Republic. We do not confine you to choose ours or any particular company’s services. Parcelabc wants to become a trustworthy partner and help you get the package to The Czech Republic in the cheapest or quickest way, depending on your personal preferences. Since The Czech Republic is also in Europe, there are plenty of options when choosing carrier companies.

How to know what is the price and what the costs will be to send a parcel to The Czech Republic?

The prices are calculated individually depending on the parcel you want to send to The Czech Republic. If your delivery address is somewhere in a remote place in the rural parts of The Czech Republic it might cost more than to ship it to Prague. But it also depends on the weight and the dimensions of the parcel you wish to send.

What is the cheapest way to deliver my package to The Czech Republic from the UK?

It all depends on your particular package. Fill in the quote, get offers from companies, finally - make a decision. From the list of available options you can choose the cheapest one, the fastest one or to co-operate with a service provider that you have worked with before. Depending on your choice, the cost of the postage to The Czech Republic services is going to differ.

Postage to The Czech Republic from the UK: what can I send to The Czech Republic in a parcel?

Besides an obvious list of banned items, such as: guns, drugs, dangerous chemical compounds and live animals, The Czech Republic also restricts a few things that you might not be familiar with. Read our page “Shipping from the UK to the Czech Republic to find out more about import restrictions.


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